“BJC is a conceptual gallery of paintings that have derived from my spirit. I consider myself a God taught artist because as I create , I know that it’s not just me orchestrating the hues, the elements and overall vision that touches other people’s hearts. Majority of my work reflects black divinity, love, reality and appreciation.  My inspiration is derived from the experiences of life, conversations, revelations,  and many forms of creative expressions that ignite a vision into a visual story told. I tend to correlate my poems with many of my pieces so the viewer can reflect and perceive their own notion to connect to it.


    My work has traveled its way across the globe and speaks volumes for itself. Because of this, I give no one the credit but my God. I’m just a vessel spreading the light in a world that needs it. I’m only set apart from those who have yet to discover what their treasure is within, I’m helping those seek it through viewing my work.


    The proudest moment in my career would have to be having the ability to teach the youth and pass down the torch for the next generation. I’ve built a solid foundation and still laying brick by brick to make sure that our people will have an opportunity to showcase their talent, instruct those who want to learn and be a helping hand for fellow creatives that deserve recognition and acknowledgment for their gifts.”

Brionya J. Mathews
Owner of Brionya James Creations 
Houston, TX to Italy

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