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Brionya J. Mathews, owner of Brionya James Creations, is an international fine artist who has succeeded to share and sell her beautiful work across the world. Originally from Austin, TX, she has made an impactful foundation with the recognition and support from the city of Houston which she considers her second home of 7 years. Brionya has recently transitioned from everything she once knew by marrying into the military to her supportive husband and business partner, which has enabled her to take advantage of traveling abroad and embrace cultural studies of Fine Art. This surreal experience has given her an opportunity to learn from historical masters before her time and apply similar techniques to her own work.

"BJC is a conceptual gallery of paintings that have derived from personal inspiration, conversations, revelations and a continuous learning process of life. I consider myself a God Taught Artist because as I create, I know that it's not just me but the divine spirit of God orchestrating the hues, elements, and overall vision that resonates with the hearts of many."

BJC tends to reflect on Black Essence, Love and Appreciation for the African American Culture. Universal pieces are also created for all to relate to in a symbolic and imaginative way.

"My goal is to have my work speak to the masses and teach to other aspiring artists of all ages. I'm determined to continuously educate myself to better my skills so I can share my knowledge and techniques to a creative community willing to learn. Each generation is destined to be better than the last so while I'm running this marathon, I'm preparing to pass the baton to the next greatest artists in line."

Brionya James : International Fine Artist

Brionya has had the chance to study at world renowned museums such as The Louvre, The National Gallery, The Vatican and much more! She has also been inspired by the intricate architecture within each country she has visited,  invoking awe and resonation with the history of it's culture. 



 "Being able to embrace these monumental platforms that I've only seen in history books growing up has been nothing but a blessing. I'm grateful to have been exposed to such masterful art and to incorporate those same tactics to my own masterpieces."


Brionya's earlier life consisted of many sketchbooks, crayons, markers and imagination. She embraced her creativity at the young age of 3 with Spongebob being one of her favorite characters to practice for reference. This skill came naturally to her. Her mother was quite sheltering over her only child, so Brionya spent most of her time indoors expressing her inner emotions on paper. She couldn't wait to get to school, specifically to art class where she felt a sense of freedom and escape through creating.


Art teachers throughout the years seen the potential in her work and considered local and regional art scholastic events for enrollment where she achieved various awards for her work and participation. 

Each year as Brionya progressed, she dreamt of one day becoming an art teacher herself. By the end of grade school , she was recommended to switch from Art 1 to AP Art and eventually transitioned from drawing to painting thanks to the many projects that required the medium. Never would she have imagined having her work speak to all generations and blessed with a vast platform to teach her techniques to other emerging artists.

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